Who We Choose to be

I have before talked about two separate sides of the brain, and now I have even more insight into the differences. Not to sound rash, or like a crazy loon, but our brain is almost like two different people, just barely held together. The right side, the creative one, lives only in the present and it only thinks in the present. The left side of the brain thinks logically, in chronological sequences, it stores our memories from details it takes and wants to keep from our right hemisphere as it thinks about the present. We don’t talk to the right, all the brain chatter in our heads comes from left. If we heard the right hemisphere chatter we would be hearing a bunch of commands and necessities for us, but it is the left that connects us with the world. If you were to cut the ties to your left brain, you could be anything you wanted to be and only sense the energy around you and understand only things occurring in that exact moment. This would become a problem when trying to remember, well remember anything at all. Now, if we were to choose to live in the right of brain a little more often and more predominantly, it would change the world! The truth is you really can choose the way you are, and who you are, you just have to want to.


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