The Destruction of Half

When does one reach their creative potential? Wrong. You don’t ever reach your creative potential, you are born with it. So how do some people end up being more creative than others? Well first you have to understand that the right and left side of your brain do different tasks; The right controls creativity and the left controls structural educational subjects such as math, science, and formal literacy. As we grow up, begin to go to school, and continue on, an emphasis is placed majorly on those structural educational subjects. The old cliche, that is often more correlated with aging, use it or lose it, can be applied here. Schools are constantly asking students to use the left (structural) side of their brains, but hardly asking for them to use the right (creative) side of their brain. Like with most anything, if you stop using it and taking care of it, it will get increasingly less functional and usable. So as children and teens use their right side less and less, the creativity they were born with slowly starts to disappear, and eventually becomes nearly non existent. Now think about it, as our schools produce more college professors, more lawyers, and more government officials that are just doing what they know, and not questioning the things they are doing, or trying to create new approaches or processes are we really moving forward with education? I don’t think so. While I would concur the structural subjects are important, I believe creative subjects like Art, Graphic Design, Programming, 3D and 2D Design, Music, Dance, and Choirs are all just as important. They let the mind stay free by balancing the sides, and they help create people who can much more easily take new approaches and see things in a new, creative way.


A quick note

According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs (The above background image for this post) the tip of the pyramid is what represents needs for growth. Only one of the six needs for growth relates to facts, and even that is simply the acceptance of them.


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