Seen for What They Say

Seen not heard. The profile given to many teenagers in the generation prior to the current millennial. The parents of those millennial find it hard to understand the reasons their kids are so defiant, so rebellious, and so testing of what they tell them. They fail to realize that where they gave up on rebellion and accepted the hard stereotypes they were given and allowed most of their generation to fall victim to the profile, seen not heard, the millennials don’t. They are stronger in some ways, even if they are weaker in others. They are strong enough to stand up and rebel against their elders, question why they do what they do, defy the typical idea that kids just listen as if they are an object simply seen. As a millennial, I say that while the wisdom of our elders deserves much respect, our young minds deserve just as much explanation to reason. Without explanation our minds will continue to question, continue to rebel, and continue to defy the profile of seen not heard. We will do this until we are heard, and seen for what we say and who we are, rather than be seen as an object to be manipulated to their idea of “an adult”. If they learn that taking that profile away from us is not is a bad thing, they may see what amazing things our generation can do because of our nature.  I’ll end with this, do not blame our parents and elders, it isn’t their fault that they were raised the way they were, and have adopted the methods of parenting they have. They simply are reciprocating what has been passed on through generations.